Classic, fast, transponder coded

Albrecht Barcontrol is the largest manufacturer of solenoid valve spouts for serving spirits worldwide.

Upon request, we also produce casters according to your specifications for different dispensing systems. Flow rate and the type of coding can be adjusted.

The classic

  • 7 Pricegroups, normal speed, standard breather
  • Compatible with systems of various manufacturers
  • The top selling pourer magnetic pourer worldwide
  • Durable and reliable
  • Time tested and proven for over 35 years

Transponder coded standard pourer

  • As robust and durable as the proven 7 pricegroup model
  • Optionally with title block
  • Standard version with highly reliable frequency transponder
  • We can ship them with a transponder system of your choosing or without any transponder

The extra fast pourer

  • 2,6 times higher flow speed
  • Faster than free pour
  • Optimized design and modern materials
  • Extra resistant against stickiness
  • Optimally suited for pouring wines
  • Available as 7pg or transponder coded
  • Available with labeling space
  • Available tob e outfitted with your own, existing transponder system


Aerator tool

Fitting a larger amount of bottles with pourers will be even easier when using this tool.

  • Thanks to the larger size of the tool compared to a pourer, it is much easier to grip. The pourer can be pressed more firmly in the bottle.
  • The magnetic valve of the pourer is opened by the tool. This way overpressure from the bottle can emerge when the pourer is pressed in. This helps greatly with the accuracy of the first portion as well as the cleanliness of the bottles.
  • If a workable pourer is inserted into the tool, a clear “click” can be heard. This way you can test sealed bottles that have not been in use for a while. If they don’t “click” then the pourer might be stuck and needs to be cleaned.

Hygienic caps

With extremely thick liquors like Baileys or Sambuca, it happens that the last drop of a portion remains inside the pourer. When this drop dries out the pourer becomes stuck.

In order to avoid this, we recommend using the hygienic cap. If after pouring the cap is placed on the pourer, the last drop just won’t dry out, – the problem is avoided.

Also it prevents fruit flies from getting stuck on the pourer and entering the liquid through the breather hole.

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