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Precise and effective:
Wall mounted dispenser

Easy to use thanks to electronic wall dispensers

  • Hygienic state of the art design

  • Raven Dispensers has been designed for dispensing accurately thin and thick alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

  • No other dispenser will deliver a shot with the speed of this revolutionary design. This is the fastest and most hygienic Dispenser in the world

  • The only maintenance required is weekly washing in warm soapy water then rinsing.

  • Raven Dispensers come in sizes 2cl, 3cl, 4cl and 5cl.

  • The raven backplate is the actual bracket which comes complete with the dispenser, so there is no need to purchase additional brackets unless your wish a wooden or metallic board with up to 10 mounted dispensers.

OPTION: In combination with the Flow Master, each portion removed is counted electronically – loss of sales is avoided.

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