You can not afford not to!

There are many opportunities for theft behind a bar. Bartenders are working often without direct supervision. They steal from the bar and its customer because it is easy, hard to detect and almost impossible to prevent on a permanent basis. The temptation by handling large sums of cash and dealing with a liquid inventory that cannot be controlled at the end of the shift is overwhelming. Hardly any employee takes constantly caution against spilling and spitting. The calculated portion size of a drink is not guaranteed with free pouring.

Those facts very often make the difference between financial success and failure for bar owners and beverage managers.

Why inventory control alone does not help:

  • Inventory control only ever shows damage done when it is actually too late. You are always running after your money, and it is highly unlikely you will ever get it back.
  • Draft is hard to grasp when controlling your inventory, there are many open barrels with different fill levels. Weighing those would be labour intensive and time consuming, the same holds true for anything from barrels or containers.
  • Open bottles are also hard to estimate, many brands, different bottle formats and fill levels. Weighing or estimating what was actually sold again is time consuming.
  • The inventory is easily manipulated; bottles can be filled up with water for example.
  • Inventory control never tells you whether people actually just buy and bring their own bottles. On the surface everything would look normal, but in reality you have a parasitical sup entrepreneur.
  • If there are several waiters or shifts handling the same stock it just isn’t possible to make anyone responsible for losses you discover through inventory control. People will just shrug and half heatedly promise to make it better next time…
  • Assessing the inventory is in fact so time consuming, some ventures have to employ people to do it. This not only again costs your money, but the question remains: who controls the controllers?
  • Even the best, most modern POS only shows you what has been rung in, but the people who are supposed do work the POS correctly are the same who you wanted to control in the first place! Every time someone makes the mistake of “forgetting” to properly ring an article in. Their “tip” is increasing!!!

The advantages of automated Control:

  • Every drink is registered automatically directly when being poured. Assessing the Inventory for sake of control is no longer needed
    Your accounting systems finally get fed with reliable data
  • There are no incalculable losses anymore. The foundation of your business economic calculation can now be realized.
  • Much better working atmosphere, – clear and fair rules for everyone, no more suspicion and allegations
  • You can set drink control off against and tax liability, but you can not do that with incalculable losses.
  • It saves a lot of time you would be spending doing your inventory.
  • Increases your own life quality because you will have some fewer things to worry about
  • You don’t need to employ people for inventory control anymore
  • With our attractive financing plans you won’t even feel the cost of a drink control system. For Example with just 12 month of financing your monthly rate will always be lower than what you would otherwise loose anyways.

The advantages of magnetic ring systems

For control of liquor and wine from open bottles, we do highly recommend systems where all bottles will be armed and sealed with special pourers. Those pourers can then only be opened with machines with an electromagnetic “activator ring”, like the Control Master M2 or Control Master Compact. The opening time can be programmed and determines how big of a portion is poured. Every drink dispensed is registered.

Easy handling and high flow speed makes for faster service.
Pouring percisely 4cl in 2 seconds is only achievable when using the Control Master.
Faster than freepour – no loss of sales

  • Each portion is dispensed with precisely the right size
  • Each portion is automatically registered
  • Four portion sizes per brand are possible
  • Cocktail function, – recipes with up to 10 ingredients can be programmed. Even untrained staff can then dispense cocktails exactly like in the original receipt.
  • Data transfer for digital processing by almost any ECR / POS system or your own spreadsheet.
  • Next to no stickiness, thanks to our highly powered electromagnetic activator ring.
  • Great longevity, – Some of our customers are still using their Control Master System for 25 years.
  • Sales reporting for each individual waiter, -using the optional waiter lock and individual keys to keep track of every person operating the system.
  • No maintenance required
  • No batteries required
  • Fast pouring, – the special shape of our spouts is designed for high speed flow when pouring
  • Proven reliability, – the principle of dispensing drinks from bottles by using an electromagnetic ring exists for 35 years already. Daily, professional use in real bar environments have helped refine the system to the state of perfection where it is at today. Worldwide over 50 000 systems have been sold since.
  • A meaningful sales report can be printed anytime
  • Losses are prevented before they even happen
  • You will save an incredible amount of time when using the Control Master System instead of traditional inventory control
  • Debit System possible, – when working in debit system, every drink dispensed is run in your cash register directly. It is not necessary for the waiter to use the keyboard of the register at all.
  • Credit System possible, – in credit system the Control Master will only pour drinkt that have been rung in a connected cash register before.
  • Comparison report gives you a detailed list of drinks not rung up properly at the cash register.

High quality flow meters

Draft beer is difficult to grasp in an inventory, because of course there are always many opened barrels. It is hardly possible to weigh them daily with great effort, and in many cases it is hardly meaningful.

The solution:
For beer and premix from drums or containers, high-quality flow meters are the only practical and reliable way to determine sales on a daily, shift-by-shift or even per-person basis.

Our products:
With us you have the choice between two volume counters:

The Indukometer


The Flow Guard



The Flow Master

Keep tight control...

This philosophy is the foundation of consistend business. Do you actually know exact amount collected at the entrance? Estimates of losses are generally far too low. Consider this estimated loss for whole year. Try to keep cool but nevertheless act immediately. Very likely, the use of electronic entrance registration will pay of in only a few weekends.Each guest is registered quickly and efficiently. No problems when leaving location. No argument over entry fees already payed.Your individual logo as stamp print is memorable advertisement.

  • no loss of entry fees
  • reset of counter with masterkey
  • easy connection to 120/230 Volts
  • stamp procedure optional with visible or invisible (ultraviolet)
  • incl. 2 year warranty
  • easy exchange of stamp pads with differend colors

There are two versions at your disposal:

1. with digital counter (resetable by masterkey)

2. an electronic unit CONTROL MASTER. The registration can be done on an automatic set time. A printerport is available. Also an additional RS232 port for the connection to a PC or a POS system.

Technical data:
Maximal cable length display unit 300 meters

Height: 120mm
Diameter: 32 mm

Height:  80 mm
Width:  160mm
Depth:  60 mm


Our systems can be connected to almost all POS and cash register systems by serial interface. A large variety of protocols are available.

The Control Master M2 can be configured for either credit, debit or comparison mode, in practice these options will mean the following:

Credit system:

Only items that have been rung up may be poured from the system.

  • Advantage:
    This 100% ensures that everything dispensed was rung up.
  • Disadvantage:
    • rigid operation within a bar environment
    • if there are any misunderstandings or errors in the programming or any loss of data for whatever reason, work flow will be disrupted. Guests will have to wait untill the matter i staken care of.
    • preparing drinks ahead of orders is impossible
    • in order to make this work for draft beer, magnetic valves must be installed within the beer line. This roughly doubles the cost for controlling draft when compared to just only relying on flow meters, also regular maintenance of said valves will be nessiccary.

Comparison report:

The internal Control Master M2 software compares each item rung up on the cash register with the corresponding item actually dispensed. If Items were not rung up properly they show up on the comparison report.
Ideally the comparison report stays at zero, if not the waiter needs to level the balance.

  • Advantage:
    • Flexible , any differences will be regulated after the bar is closed
    • no delay of service under any circumstances
    • Draft and Soda can be monitored by flow meters only, no extra cost or maintenance for electric valves
    • Accidental overpouring or breakage and spilling will not automatically show up on the cash report.

Debit mode:

Whenever a drink is poured, it will ring up at the cash register automatically.

  • Advantage:
    The waiter will not have to ring it up manually, this is very time efficient, human error can not occur.
  • Disadvantage:
    Very rigid, the cash register and the control master may only be operated by one person at a time.Usually this method is used when drinks are sold directly at the bar counter by the bartender himself.


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