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The perfect all-rounder:
Control Master M2

High-end solution for serving drinks

The Control Master M2 is our “high-end” solution for dispensing spirits and wine. The extremely reliable and solid basic device offers a variety of expansion options and can be specially tailored to individual operational requirements.

Whether as a self-sufficient device or in combination with a POS system, you always benefit from the long service life and the intelligent software, billing is significantly simplified, and goods and sales losses are prevented.

The Control Master M2 is available both for brand recognition and for pure price group billing (7PG coding on the spouts).

The spouts are equipped with extremely reliable frequency transponders for type recognition.

The individual spouts can be easily assigned to specific beverage types on the device.

Features und ad-ons

Even in the basic version, the Control Master M2 offers the following features:
  • Free PC-software, – for setup and programming and also for reading sales data from the Control Master. The sales report can be exported in a .csv format which is compatible for example to MS Excel and other spreadsheet software.
  • Prices: Prices can be assigned to any drink and size combination. Even as a stand alone device the Control Master M2 can deliver a detailed monetary sales report any time.
  • Light barrier: The Control Master M2 is available optionally with a light barrier fitted to its activator ring. This allows the recognition whether a bottle is empty or stuck. If a bottle runs empty, the dispensing time is halted and you can pour the remaining rest of the portion from the next bottle. This feature is especially useful, when a lot of wine is poured. Since you run through a lot of wine bottles rather quickly and the portions dispensed almost never sum up to an entire bottle.
  • Cocktails: Up to 50 Cocktail recipes with up to 10 ingredients can be programmed. The amounts of each ingredient can be dispensed stepless exactly according to the recipe. Also text elements are possible, this way even completely untrained personnel can be told exactly how to prepare the cocktail.
  • Happy Hour: The Control Master M2 can switch between two separate price levels at programmed times. In your sales report you can see exactly what drinks were sold for what price.
  • Illuminated display, – for best visibility even in the darkest nightclubs.
  • Up to four portion sizes per brand for maximum flexibility when preparing longdrinks.
  • Automatic shutdown, so that no drink can be dispensed after your Bar I closed. You can program the exact times when the Control Master M2 shall be inactive.
  • Waiter locks: The Control Master M2 ban be fitted with one internal and up to four external waiter locks. This way an individualized report for each person operating the Control Master or connected peripherals (like flow meters etc.) is available.
  • Waiter identification: each Control Master M2 can keep Track of 10 waiter accounts and can be fitted with a transponder style waiter lock
  • Connectivity of the Control Master M2: Up to 64 impulse lines and 2 serial ports are available to connect Flow meters, Coffee machines, premix or postmix machines, ECR / POS systems. Free Software is available for easy programming, reporting and exporting of data.
  • RS232 or RS 485 ports – for Printer or Networking, data processing

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Accessorys for pouring wine and cocktails

External Keyboard

For quick selection of cocktails we recommend this robust and durable keyboard.

70 programable hotkeys make for compfortable and efficient operation. The highly water and shock resistant design endures even in the harshest bar environments.

Light Barrier

We do recommend the optoelectronic activator system for dispensing of wine. The advantage: The optoelectronics do recognize when a bottle runs empty, then the programmed dispensing time will be halted and you can dispense the rest of the portion from the next bottle.

Speed Pourers

We do have high speed pourers available, which are especially effective when dispensing larger portions. 200ml can be dispensed in less than 9 seconds.

Activator stand

When it is very busy and higher volumes of wine are dispensed, it is advisable to use the stainless steel wine stand. The advantage: while a portion is dispensed the waiter is free to do other things in the meantime.