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The flow measuring turbine:
The Flowguard

The cost-effective measuring turbine

Flow-Guard is a precision measuring device for the accurate determination of flowing media especially designed for the food industry-beer, wine, juice and softdrinks out of barrel or container.


Inside the flowmeter turbine, flowing liquid drives a free-running impeller. This impeller with its pivot points is running absolutely free on 2 bearings.The integrated pulse generator guarantees for nearly unlimited working life. The impeller runs with near zero bearing friction.
The permanent magnets embedded in the impeller activate the pulse generator installed in the upper part, which generates a pulsating square-wave voltage.

The upper part of the flowmeter is provided with the function indicator which, depending on the type of flowmeter concerned, is equipped with either 1 or 2 LED to get fast info on working functions. Thus, errors are easier to detect and can be eliminated economically.

The flowmeter is equipped with a sensor which ensures that pulses are generated only if liquid really flows through the flowmeter (empty/foam shutdown). Empty/foam shut down is ranged from 4,5-24 VDC
The flowmeter is provided with an additional switching output by means of which it is possible – in connection with a separate electronic system – to switch off pumps or valves immediately if no liquid is inside the flowmeter.

All types of flowmeters are also available with pin bearings made of high-grade steel or plastic material. The flow meter has been tested by the certifying authority for beverage dispensing equipment and all parts are according to FDA regulations. It has been certified unter approval No. SK 309-001.

Technical data:

  • Measuring range: 0.1 – 17 l/min, depending on the size of nozzle
  • Repeat accuracy: better than 0.25 %
  • Pressure range: up to 5 bar
  • Temperature: -30°C up to + 65°C
  • Material: PBT
  • Material (gasket): silicon O-ring
  • Weight: approx. 130 g
  • Solids content: minor percentage possible

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