Flow meter:

The Indukometer

magnetic, inductive measuring, made for professionals, no mechanical parts, -long live endurance for heavy duty conditions, no chance for slime to decrease accuracy for years to come

Beer counter by Albrecht Messgeräte
– a success storyFor more than 30 years we have been producing magnetic – inductive flow meters. Many of the beer meters installed 30 years ago are still in use today! A proof of the superior reliability of magnetic inductive meters.

Well over 25,000 devices have been installed. It is our quality that persuades our customers in the long term, who knows how to use the Indukometer, that over many years it uses an exact control, for which no additional costs are incurred by additional measures.

Installation instructions:
Depending on the type of dispensing system, the appliance is installed firmly in the cold storage room, the cool box or in the drawer between the beer line. From there, an electric cable goes to the metering unit, which can be read at a readily accessible location, eg. B. in your office, can be attached.

Technical specifications:
Connection: 6; 7; 8 and 10 mm nominal diameter
Installation length: 120 mm
Installation type: independent of location

Free pipe


  • No extra cleaning labor has to be done
  • The magnetic-inductive way of measuring provides the greatest accuracy
  • Independent of foam and carbondioxid
  • long live endurance, as no mechanical parts are involved
  • maintenance free
  • Digital display which can be set to “0” with a special key. Self-service bowling alley operation is possible as the settlement can be made using the counter
  • Possibility of a remote display through a separate counter at any desired location.
  • easy installation

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